So much joy, so little time…

imageIn preparation for a cruise to Cozumel Suzy and I purchased matching iPad IIs. I don’t think I would have decided this was the right thing to do except that my Dad was gifted one and I helped him learn to use it. So we have over a week to get all the Kindle bookage, fav links, and game apps installed so that we are ready for the lull times in the trip, such as waiting for our flight. I used to read a book coming and going from trips, but now my to-read list will grow as I surf the Internet instead.

imageWe really need this escape, as we lust for the Summer warmth that is at least two months away from Seattle. Although this weekend we actually got to sun bathe on the deck for the first time as temps unexpectedly hit the mid 70’s. I was amazed to teach Amber the concept of sun bathing; she had never heard it before.

I also did some weeding in the HOA common area, so I did get some vitamin D this weekend. I was joined by my granddaughter Amber who “helped” me week and rake and plant seeds. She also rode her bike, played with the dawg, and set up the kids’ Summer toys in the back yard in anticipation of her soon to be new sister visiting later next month.

imageSo Suzy and I have visions of snorkeling, calm blue waters, and sight seeing. This was an unplanned trip as the price was incredibly low, but one that let’s me cross off three must see things off my bucket list. The list is getting shorter every year. Maybe it’s time to review the list?

Here’s hoping there is lots of exotic music to hear, great seafood to enjoy, and fabulous sites to see. And yes, I will be wearing a nice straw hat to protect my head from sunburn and (oh darn) looking for my swim suit to wear in public. I am told that the natural or speedo thing is out of fashion so maybe my Nike running shorts will have to do.

If we are lucky, we will capture some iconic and meaningful pictures to share with our family and friends. And maybe, just maybe, there will be an interesting story or two.

About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Seattle Solid GOLD Big Band (formerly the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra) a GOLD sax quartet, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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4 Responses to So much joy, so little time…

  1. Gandalfe says:

    It is amazing what a little sun can do to get one thinking about Summer. We had an unseasonably warm Saturday and as you can see from this post, my mind immediately goes to thoughts of summer, iced tea, and time at the beach. :O)

  2. kcp says:

    Sounds like fun. Have a good trip!
    Thanks for dropping-by my little corner of the web 🙂


  3. Jessica says:

    I’ve spent time in Playa Del Carmen so I enjoy that area. I’m learning to SCUBA dive so perhaps I can go to Cozumel and do a little of that. Have fun!

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