My Axes

I thought I’d list my some of my instruments that I actually play at least once a year. Saxes:


Flute: Gemeinhardt 3sbh with custom McKenna head

10 Responses to My Axes

  1. Headoverheel says:

    …Hey hi there, I came her through Jeannettes Wanderlust blog and thought I’d take a look around your site. I’ve never got involved with blogs before, mine or anyone elses and with Jeannettes (she prefers Giannetta usually, it’s an Italian thang!) help a kind of exploration has begun; for her too I think. She’s a kind of Eat, Pray, Love girl.
    Music holds a fascination for me, maybe I’m a frustrated one, like many others.
    As much as the sound those ‘axes’ you play are beautiful (tho’ I wouldn’t know the difference between them!), they are also works of art in themselves. Excuse my ignorance, but are they all ‘handmade’?
    I’d be interested to know just exactly what each of those ‘axes’ you play sounds like, is that on here or you know where I can find that?
    Ok enuf for now, have a good day
    Les Grice

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Handmade, that is hard to determine. I know for sure the custom bass sax and soprillo are handmade by Benedikt Eppelsheim who has sound sample for all of his instruments at The core instruments (alto, tenor, and bari) used in most big band and concert bands can easily be heard on YouTube. As a matter of fact, all my instruments can be heard at my YouTube channel at

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  4. Mike Stanger says:

    I read an earlier post before this one, and was excited to find another Couf owner! Alas, here it looks like that’s no longer true. What made you change, and who are you using for repair work now?

    • Gandalfe says:

      The Couf twins (alto and tenor) were marvelous. But silly me, I tried the new Selmer Reference horns and flat out fell in love with them. I dreamed of owning a Couf in high school and have always hated the inherent intonation problems in the Selmer Mark VIs. Now I own Selmer for my alto & tenor, Yanagisawa for my sop and bari, and Eppelsheim for my soprillo and bass. Life is good. I do own a Selmer Privilege bass clarinet. So times, they are a changing.

  5. Carol says:

    Blimey, you’re very talented.
    Why “Axes” may I ask?

  6. jmaryi2014 says:

    How may I email Gandalfe?. I am a Selmer Paris Mazzeo System Clarinet performer of Chamber Music (A & Bb) and studied with Rosario in Boston, MA. Thank you. Joseph

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