Keeping it real

My blogging is all about me and for me. If I buy a new tool, ride, or make a new friend, I might craft a post to mark it so that I can remember what  I was thinking at the time, what I took into consideration, and sometimes, just sometimes, where I hoped the new ‘thang’ would take me. My research that sometimes gets used is posted here too.

As I’m a passionate compulsive and not a world-class writer, there will be grammar and syntax errors, lapses in judgment, and thus posts that are pure drivel. There will also be posts that are “Too Spicy for Some” so might want to consider this blog NSFW. I will try to keep those to a minimum. But for those of you who choose to follow my adventures, I will try to be brief and concise in my attempts at read-worthy prose.

Saxophones, jazz, and performance music play a big part of my life. I’m thinking about these things all the time, making plans, and purchasing new music. That can get old in most people’s books but there you have it. This blog is predominately about chasing the desire to create bands and ensembles that make great music, even though they consist primarily of hobbyists and friends of mine.

Note that I moved as part of the great Windows Live Spaces migration to WordPress in Fall 2010. As the result, any posts older than that may have limited tagging and other left-over effects.

So with love, humor, and humility I say thank you to my readers, if there are any. Remember, comments to my posts are the highest form of praise that I can receive. Just knowing that there might be someone out there reading my prose, spurs me to continue on. Maybe someday I’ll actually become interesting in some manner or form.

2 Responses to Keeping it real

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  2. Sonia Frei says:

    Well, I am your reader, no doubt about that! As you, I am in love whit music, I play clarinet and I’m a Brazilian lady and loved to meet You over here. At end, my English is not so good, sorry, lol, so anyway, I always will come back here, reading your so gracious posts.

    Best regards from Brasil.

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