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Romero System Sax and Clarinet, in a Nutshell

Taken from the Woodwind forum mostly because a now deceased friend of mine said he would write this article for me. Instead Pete, one of the admins on the Woodwind forum did. A few days ago, I came across a … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

“The best things in life are free.” ~ American Proverb It’s a foggy, northwest winter morning and I am on vacation from work. I have been meaning to capture some of the cool free stuff (or near free) I’ve discovered … Continue reading

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On Developing Internal Pulse: Finding and Keeping the Beat

Stolen from a good friend on the  Woodwind Forum, this post gives a musician some ideas to improve on what I have heard called internal pulse. There is a theory that if you don’t have this figured out by time … Continue reading

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Woodwind Forum: You want answers, you can’t handle answers…

Apologies to the creators of that great line Jack Nicolson delivers in “A Few Good Men”. Where do you go to get answers for almost anything. Internet forums can be a valuable piece of your solution set. When it comes … Continue reading

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Ten Habits of Effective Beginner Woodwind Players

From my friend JBT, “I read this great link which had some very worthwhile and practical information for beginners on an instrument: http://www.bretpimentel.com/seven-ha…ive-beginners/. However this was obviously written by a university professor and was based on habits observed in his … Continue reading

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