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The Perfect Clarinet

If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be. ~ Yogi Berra I have spent a lot of time helping family and friends find the perfect instrument within the constraints of their budgets. New musicians, young musicians, adult newbies and returning … Continue reading

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Bucket List #3 ~ Attend NAMM ~ check

If you have a music bucket list, attending NAMM at least once should be on it. NAMM 2015 was held in Anaheim this year and hosted over 75,000 attendees. Opening day included a visit by the Disneyland band. The best … Continue reading

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Baritone and Alto Sax 2012

“If music be the food of love, play on.” ~ William Shakespeare A friend of mine took this picture of my pit set up for the “In the Mood” show. With just the two saxes, changing instruments was not a … Continue reading

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A Late Bloomer’s Trip in Sax Toyland

Taken from the Sax on the Web article I posted in 2004 ish. I wanted to have a copy on my blog. I’ve been toying with flying down to visit Kessler & Son’sshop after a great purchase of an Antigua … Continue reading

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Check out Sweet Suzy’s Axes

Thought I’d show my peeps sweet Suzy’s saxophones. She learned to play the instrument five years ago at my request. Now she is my on call sub for all the bands I’m in. Her primary instrument is clarinet but we … Continue reading

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Clarinet Solo Stretch Goal: Stompin’ at the Savoy

In preparation for the Microsoft Jazz Band swing dance gig at Third Place Commons, I am working on a clarinet solo. Every year I try to do one clarinet solo; it’s a stretch goal for me. You see I have … Continue reading

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Full Boehm Clarinet in a modern world

Terry Stibal in 2006 reviews your full Boehm clarinet options. For many years, Selmer offered the complete line of clarinets, as did Heckel, Leblanc and Buffet. However, that has changed and now you are quite limited as to extra keywork. … Continue reading

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Clarinet Challenge ~ Can you say Fricken Hard?

I am firstly a sax guy. I have a lot of music to prepare for the seven holiday gigs I have in December. Clarinet remains my biggest challenge and after three years of a on again, off again relationship, I … Continue reading

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Reducing squeaks on the Bass Clarinet

I am a hobbyist who started playing clarinet three years ago. I find voicing the clarion range in the bass clarinet to be a challenge, especially because I am a doubler who’s main instrument is the saxophone. So these two … Continue reading

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