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Thanksgiving Means Family

We are frantically, okay maybe not so much of the frantic, getting ready for our Thanksgiving guests. Aaron and Wendy and the two grandkids are coming up from Utah. My parents will be here as will Josie and her family. … Continue reading

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New Casa du Glassa

Suzy and I have sold our big house and are purchasing a that is smaller. It is the first step in a five years to retirement program. Suzy worked hard to find us something that we could pay off with … Continue reading

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Packing Tips and Tricks

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” ~ Albert Einstein I penned the Downsizing post last week, but thought I’d add some hard won, best in class ideas for your consideration. If you … Continue reading

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Downsizing is a full-time job

Suzy and I have been packing out the house getting it ready to show. Last night it went on the market and within hours we’d had the first reports back. The first couple were curious; they went upstairs and then … Continue reading

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Moving to a smaller abode

Suzy and I have been talking about moving to a smaller place for some time now. We live in a very nice house that just is too much for us. So the first step is to divest ourselves of all … Continue reading

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