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Mi-Bemol Saxophone Ensemble

Having blogged about the Mi-Bemol Sax Ensemble, a stellar and unique Sax Ensemble, I am enthralled by the power and magnificence of the music. So when JBT of the Woodwind Forum pointed to this I lost about an hour listening … Continue reading

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Mi-Bemol Saxophone Orchestra ~ Simply Amazing

I posted this to Facebook and it became viral amongst my musician friends. It is amazing on many levels, not the least that four soprano saxes could play in tune together. It was very interesting to me because I am … Continue reading

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Why is there no B# or E#?‏

At work on the company musicians alias a fellow named Wolf asks: Why is there no B# or E#? Or to put it another way; Why are there 7 notes A-G? There’s 12 halftones in the western octave. I get … Continue reading

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