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My Conn C Soprano Saxophone

One day, over ten years ago, I purchased a Conn C soprano sax. My intent was to cover an oboe part in a local community band. Shortly after I purchased this instrument, the band found an oboe player. Sarge, the … Continue reading

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Allen Loomis C Melody saxophone

Scott Granlund of Granlund Woodwind Repair is a world class musician and repair tech. Recently he shared this story on Facebook and I wanted to get it out to my many friends who are not Facebook users. Those readers on … Continue reading

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Pan American “Violin Finish” aka Propeller Wood Clarinet

I purchased this striking Pan American “Violin Finish” clarinet (made by Conn) that was mistakenly described on eBay as made from pear wood. It is more commonly known as the propeller wood clarinets. It was dirt cheap and at this … Continue reading

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The Typewriter: Icon or just Art?

As I explore the world of WordPress I keep seeing pictures of old typewriters, just a shot of some of the keys, or even antique typesetting pieces. I purchased an old typewriter last year off eBay to use as a … Continue reading

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Conn F Mezzo Soprano Sax ~ A look back in history…

Randy Emerick, a very good friend of mine and an aficionado of saxophone (as a professional musician, instrument repair tech, and sax collector extraordinaire) send me these two blasts from the past. He knows I have played the Conn-o-sax and … Continue reading

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