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Listen for the Beat

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The Batman & Robin Meme

This cartoon has been floating around on the Internet for a couple of months. It’s a Batman and Robin cartoon where the talk bubbles can be co-opted in many different ways. This, as a saxophonist, is my favorite adaptation: Most … Continue reading

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What Girls Want

Anyone ever wonder about how men and women are wired? Yeah, probably all the time. I was thinking about my daughter and her new husband and my grandson and his girl friend. How does this fit into their situation/equation? Although … Continue reading

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Looney Tunes ~ The Blue Adnube

One of my favs from my youth.

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US Debt Highlights ~ the Day after…

Overheard: Thanks for protecting the job creators, you know for creating jobs for chauffeurs, valets, domestic help, and most importantly seamstresses who specialize in crafting $100 bills into luxurious overcoats. ~ Jim Cutler “This deal does not even attempt to … Continue reading

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Supposed to bleed…

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xkcd: She said breasts… <dumb laugh>

It pisses me off to see this kind of lame humor based unfair characterizations of the male condition. I mean really, do you think we really are that shallow? You see these broad brush indictments everywhere. xkcd you could have … Continue reading

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