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“In the Mood” theater run, take two

This year wife Suzy (tenor, clarinet), friend Bob (bass bone), friend Bill (lead trumpet), and I (alto & bari sax, sop & bass clarinet) will be a part of the “In the Mood” big band. It is a theater show … Continue reading

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TED: Alban Wesly and Calefax Quintet

Randy presents this stellar video to his friends on facebook and what a great find. For those of you who don’t know TED is they are a site that promotes “Ideas worth Spreading”. It is dedicated to presenting very educational … Continue reading

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Baritone Sax Lessons ~ Taking the high road

Excerpted from the Woodwind Forum thread, “Bari Sax Improvement” by Terry Stibal. First, with a school instrument, if it is at all possible, get the use of the horn restricted to you and you alone. I know that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Reducing squeaks on the Bass Clarinet

I am a hobbyist who started playing clarinet three years ago. I find voicing the clarion range in the bass clarinet to be a challenge, especially because I am a doubler who’s main instrument is the saxophone. So these two … Continue reading

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