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Experiments in Saxophone Design

What happens when you change the length, size, shape or lacation of a saxophone octave pip? If you’ve ever wondered, you’ll enjoy reading the results of’s octave pip experiments. What is missing in this fine article is any specific … Continue reading

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Vintage Sax Collection Sale of the Century

A Collection of 20th Century American Made Saxophones Sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity comes by and you have the opportunity to purchase a museum full of saxophones. This eBay sale offering is such a deal that I know … Continue reading

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C Melody Saxophones – a Blast from the Past

When I started looking to acquire C Melody Saxophone, I had visions of looking over Suzy’s shoulder as she played the piano. You see these instruments were designed in the early 1900s (1910 – 30s) for the amateur to use … Continue reading

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An Eppelsheim bass sax story – In search of the low notes

Some people buy boats. Others buy vacation property. I buy musical instruments. I have a small collection of vintage instruments like this Selmer Paris silver clarinet that plays like a dream. But I’m really a sax man. And to that end, … Continue reading

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Conn Microtuner and other oddities

Conn used to make some of the best saxes in the world. They were the only company to make the mezzo soprano saxophone which was made in the key of F. They also made the Conn-O-Sax which was also keyed in F. … Continue reading

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The Range of the Saxophone Family

A standard jazz saxophone section is normally 5 pieces: two tenors, two altos, and a baritone sax.   Together these instruments span almost 4 octaves; rising from the baritone’s pedal C to the alto’s A above the treble clef.   … Continue reading

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Can you name all the kinds of saxophones?

Can someone help me complete the chart? Type  Pitch Concert pitch range Frequency Range (A-440) Hz Sopranino Eb Db1-Ab3 277-1661 Soprano C B-F3 233-1396 Soprano Bb Ab-Eb3 207-1244 (1318) F Mezzo F     Alto Eb Db-Ab (A) 138-830 (880) … Continue reading

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The Sarrusophone and Conn-O-Sax

A friend of mine dropped $30k on a mint Conn-O-Sax and some more on a mint Sarrusophone. I took pictures for the SOTW calendar project. Then my friend let me play the Conn-O-Sax which is an F mezzo instrument. It … Continue reading

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Full Saxophone Orchestra

Okay class, who can name all the saxophones. Yes Timmy? Bb sopranissimo Eb sopranino Bb soprano C soprano Eb alto F alto and Mezzo-Soprano C melody tenor Bb tenor Eb baritone Curved F baritone C bass Bb bass Eb contrabass … Continue reading

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