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WordPress Annual Report for my Blog

The folks at WordPress sent me my annual report, part of which is provided in this screenshot: My number of post per month has been reduced dramatically as I spend more time a work than I used to. I now … Continue reading

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WordPress Reader Statistics

WordPress has upped their game when it comes to blog statistics. I’m loving the new counter that not only tracks views but now provides the number of vistors. Thank you WordPress!

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Creating an Internet Storefront on a Shoestring Budget

My brother Pete recently asked me an interesting question and I thought I’d share some info about running a cheap Internet Storefront. The email thread went like this: Pete: I have decided to start a new web site – I … Continue reading

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Trivia du Jour: Name that Sax

Came across this oddity today. Can any name this square-keyed sax maker? This stumped my friends on Facebook. Let’s see how my WordPress readers do.

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Top Ten Posts (since I moved from Windows Spaces)

A friend of mine posted his top ten most popular blog posts and I thought I could show my readers my top ten (based on page views) for my first half year on WordPress. I was sad to lose track … Continue reading

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The Typewriter: Icon or just Art?

As I explore the world of WordPress I keep seeing pictures of old typewriters, just a shot of some of the keys, or even antique typesetting pieces. I purchased an old typewriter last year off eBay to use as a … Continue reading

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Saxophone, the Universal Method

Looking around the WordPress universe using the search word, “Sax”, I discovered Neal Ramsay’s Universal Method for Saxophone and this lovely piece of art. Very fanciful Neal.

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My Move from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress ~ the goods and the bads

Yesterday I got the message that now was the time to move from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress. If you are wondering why, here are some reports from the media: In the News: “Microsoft has since shifted its … Continue reading

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