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Community Garden

Garden as though you will live forever. ~ William Kent I was watering our community garden this year and wondering at the lush green happiness that the three plots have provided. This is our first year for the garden and … Continue reading

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Mother Ducks

From the Facebook site Wild for Wildlife and Nature, this picture struck a chord with me this Sunday morning. Parents always have their children on their minds, even when they are not living at home anymore.

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Wild for Wildlife & Nature

There is a little drama going on in the world of Facebook. One very popular Facebook page, Wild for Wildlife & Nature, has disappeared. I does still show up in cache’d search. I vaguely remember reading something last week about … Continue reading

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Esquire’s Joke from a beautiful woman

Esquire’s online magazine has a weekly feature that has beautiful women telling a joke. They recently added a video of the joke telling session which lets you see more of the woman than that you would see in a staged … Continue reading

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My Bengal Cat Thelonious aka Theo

This is my buddy Thelonious Monk, aka Theo helping Suzy with the Jazz Library work. Theo is a Bengal cat, a relatively new hybrid breed of cat, formed by the cross of a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard. He … Continue reading

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A Big Bird in Woodinville

This just in from a fellow writer at work: When I got home Monday evening, a bear was snacking on the bird feeders in the back yard. My wife Cynthia was sitting on the back deck watching the squirrels just … Continue reading

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