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Cars of the Future ~ The View from 2012

Some of us wait with fear that eventually you will not be allowed a car, it would drive itself. Others embrace this as the next logical step. If you want to drive it yourself, you would go to a track. … Continue reading

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The Replacement Peavey Bass Guitar

Amazon had a Labor day sale on guitars so I sprung for this Peavey Bass Guitar to replace the guitar that one of my brothers convinced me his son needed. Well, my nephew was graduating from high school. I did … Continue reading

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Subcontrabass Saxophone

I noticed that in the last couple of days some people have been searching for “subcontrabass sax” and getting hits to my blog. I go to Jay Easton’s Subcontrabass Sax page or Helen’s Bassic Sax blog for my researching needs. … Continue reading

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Suitcase Drum Kit and other stories

I just read about this very inexpensive drum kit and thought I’d share this blog detailing the way one fellow did it: Build a Suitcase Drum Set.   Here is one drummer’s response: Turn the problem on its side: The … Continue reading

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Top 10 e-paper technologies in the next 20 years | ZDNet

This was too good not to share. Makes me wonder if my great grandchildren (no I don’t have any… yet) will not recognize paperback books. ZDNet | Chris Jablonski ~ Over the next two decades, conventional print and static information … Continue reading

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Saxophone Vintage Toys

Helen the Canadian (yes, I call her that) has blogged at the Bassic Sax blog for a while now. She talks about bass saxes and other rare instruments. She teases me with pointers to sales of vintage instruments that I … Continue reading

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Metal Assemblage Light Sculptures

I find this kind of art fascinating with a dream-like quality. You have to luv that this stuff didn’t end up in landfills. About S. D. Kogan: “Eventually, my designs evolved as I started combining musical instruments with other recycled … Continue reading

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Introducing Count Saxula, a vun and a two…

When I was a kid, I loved a puppet called Klinker who was modeled after a blond cocker spaniel. I delighted in telling stories with the help of “my little friend”. It was as fun for me as it was … Continue reading

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