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Circle of Fifths Revisited

Overheard: Music has always been a bit of a mystery to me because I didn’t understand it. As a specific example, I didn’t understand why a major chord sounds nice. Why does (0,4,7) harmonize? I’ve finally read enough to figure … Continue reading

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Jim Schmidt’s Linear Fingering System for Sax

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut Jim Schmidt, inventor, musician, and part mad scientist has been working on a very unique sax fingering system that takes linear … Continue reading

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Best Guitar Secret I know…

My brother is a luthier, a luthier who once repaired a guitar for Rod Stewart. So when he recommended Elixir guitar strings I gave them a try. The nano coating feels good to my touch and lasts sooo long. I … Continue reading

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XKCD: Age Timeline

From XKCD. Hmm… regarding 55 on—we’ll see. 

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Balancing work and kids ~ real advice for real life

In my travels for Microsoft I often get asked about work/home life balance. Having come from 20 years in the military, I really wanted to find a job where I could create a successful and satisfying balance. I think I’ve … Continue reading

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Why is there no B# or E#?‏

At work on the company musicians alias a fellow named Wolf asks: Why is there no B# or E#? Or to put it another way; Why are there 7 notes A-G? There’s 12 halftones in the western octave. I get … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things that should have Disappeared this Decade

The first decade of the new Century and I’m already thinking about what technology and society has made obsolete. The funniest I’ve seen so far is from our friends at the Huffington Post cast as a photo show: 12 Things … Continue reading

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Searching for Internal Pulse ~ One Musician’s Quest

After a ~27 year break from music, yes work and family took front stage during that time, I returned to music performance. I played alto sax from fifth through 12th grade and then auditioned for marching band at the University … Continue reading

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Dear Wannabe Sax Player ~ Greg Fishman

Greg Fishman has some wickedly hard and yet delightful Jazz Etude books out there. He also gives online Jazz Sax lessons, is a stellar musician in his own right, and admits to laughing as he responded to this potential saxophone … Continue reading

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Music Theory Cheat Sheet

The musician’s alias at work often comes up with gems such at this one: It would be nice to provide attribution for this if anyone knows the owner.

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