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Grimm Santa Story coming soon

So you think you are ready for Christmas this year. Grimm has a new holiday story for your consideration. I don’t know if I’m ready for this… Grimm makes Christmas creepy with the anti-Santa Claus known as Krampus. According to … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd

Can you name this person. :0)

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Athleticism and the Lazy Boy Lounge

It is the season for many of watching sports from inside. The cold weather can do that to us. Some might find the picture I’ve associated with this piece “too spicy”. If that is true, you probably won’t wanna be … Continue reading

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Sundays are for recharging your batteries

In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson My Sunday don’t vary much and is designed by me to be relaxing. It starts with a late wake … Continue reading

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Nick, go to your Room!

From, you are what you watch?

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Warby Parker ~ The case for $95 glasses

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning again and as I like to say with dawglie at my feet and a cuppa joe in my hand. When An eye-opening web-based eyewear retailer came on I called Suzy away from the wedding … Continue reading

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Lazy, Comfie, Rainy Sunday Morning

I am sitting here listening to one of my favorite shows, CBS Sunday Morning, and looked out to see a typical early spring morning in the Northwest. I like how the evergreen trees look as the fog nestles around them. … Continue reading

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NYT: Comparing This Recession to Previous Ones

I can’t believe anyone doesn’t know how deep this recession cuts across all people and groups in the United States. But this New York Times article really puts it into perspective. Most us know a family member, friend or coworker … Continue reading

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Seinfeld: "Jerry the Great" re-cut trailer

TRMusic sez of his video, “My fourth Seinfeld video: Jerry hatches a plot to take over the world with his side kick George. But in the end, Jerry wants to take all the spoils for himself while leaving George out … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things that should have Disappeared this Decade

The first decade of the new Century and I’m already thinking about what technology and society has made obsolete. The funniest I’ve seen so far is from our friends at the Huffington Post cast as a photo show: 12 Things … Continue reading

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