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The Vintage or New Musical Instrument Decision

I tried to like vintage instruments, the price was right and they are beautious to behold. I even saved some from the trash heap like my Conn C soprano that Sarge of Worldwide Sax was able to revive. Truth be … Continue reading

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Rousseau and Brockman

Brother at arms, saxophonists extraordinaire Eugene Rousseau and Michael Brockman were captured in this picture at my sax instructors’ Master’s of Music program in Oregon in 2004. Both men are educators as well as world-class saxophonists. And I’ve long had … Continue reading

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Lament in Bb: Soloist Block

Ever wonder why more players can’t solo? I do. I used to think I was a decent soloist. That was until I started taking lessons. I’m in year 5 of lessons and I find that now that I understand more … Continue reading

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Subcontrabass Saxophone

I noticed that in the last couple of days some people have been searching for “subcontrabass sax” and getting hits to my blog. I go to Jay Easton’s Subcontrabass Sax page or Helen’s Bassic Sax blog for my researching needs. … Continue reading

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Quintessence Sax Quintet

Meet the Quintessence Saxophone Quintet; I so luv these guys. Who else can make classical music sound appealing to the current generation. I often turn to these guys instead of grabbing another cup o’ joe to keep me alert and … Continue reading

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The Three Sopranos (Sax)

I purchase sopranos that give a hobbyist half a chance to play in tune. My favs to date are pictured below: Eppelsheim soprillo, Yanagisawa Elimona sopranino, and the Yanagisawa S992 soprano. I also have a Yanagisawa SC992 (curvy) that I … Continue reading

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Introducing Count Saxula, a vun and a two…

When I was a kid, I loved a puppet called Klinker who was modeled after a blond cocker spaniel. I delighted in telling stories with the help of “my little friend”. It was as fun for me as it was … Continue reading

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Crazy Rag – National Saxophone Choir (sax octet)

Having played all the types of saxes show here from Soprillo to contrabass sax (thanks Jay) I can tell each come with their own idiosyncrasies and challenges. But playing the sopranino made the soprano easier to play. And playing the … Continue reading

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From Planet Soprillo “The World’s Smallest Sax Quartet”

  Randy Emerick regales us with what is billed as “The world’s smallest saxophone quartet” with Soprillo, Eb sopranino, Bb soprano, and Eb alto playing a standard SATB sax quartet. Listen to it here: BlueSkies.mp3. Randy Emerick is a professional … Continue reading

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Voicing Exotic Saxophones (Soprillo and Bass Sax)

An intermediate sax player like me can only play a new instrument by spending a lot of time working on the voicing of the new instrument. It took me, at that time an alto and bari sax player, over a … Continue reading

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