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Cars of the Future ~ The View from 2012

Some of us wait with fear that eventually you will not be allowed a car, it would drive itself. Others embrace this as the next logical step. If you want to drive it yourself, you would go to a track. … Continue reading

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Sexy Movie Review ~ The Thomas Crown Affair

Another of my many, many favorite movies, the Thomas Crown Affair, is not for prudes. It is however a lovely heist movie sans the murder and violence that many movies of this kind include. For me the best part of … Continue reading

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Comparing the Shakuhachi, Okuralo, and concert flutes

One of my most interesting musical friends, Toby shares this with us from the alt.flute alias. Those of you who know me, know I have dabbled with the flute for years, never quite getting traction as I have also been … Continue reading

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A Late Bloomer’s Trip in Sax Toyland

Taken from the Sax on the Web article I posted in 2004 ish. I wanted to have a copy on my blog. I’ve been toying with flying down to visit Kessler & Son’sshop after a great purchase of an Antigua … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: Time to Switch to Hotmail?

Hotmail has come a long way in the last few years. I have accounts in so many services but my fav is Hotmail. For me, a guy that runs four musical groups from Big Bands to sax quartets, the calendar … Continue reading

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Droid 3G Incredible ~ A 2010 Review

A long time user of the Windows Mobile products, I finally moved to the Droid platform. I was very excited about trying the WinMo7 but my provider, Verizon will not be offering this phone anytime soon. And as I’ve taken … Continue reading

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Solar Power in Seattle? Not yet…

I took a look at solar power for residential use this year. The last time I did the analysis was in 2004 and the payback was over 15 years, best case. It is now down to 12 years best case. … Continue reading

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HTC Imagio: What’s in a Phone Now?

I purchased a new phone a couple of weeks ago and have been using it ever since. Since it runs Microsoft Window Moble apps which my Blackberry didn’t, within a day I’d set it up, loaded my 200+ contacts from … Continue reading

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