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Mouthpiece Terminology 101

I was talking to some friends about sax mouthpieces and I realized that we needed to standardize some terms. I found this very descriptive and accurate diagram on one of those ubiquitous music forums and thought I’d place it here … Continue reading

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Measuring Music Tempo ~ How fast is fast?

A music forum noob recently asked me how fast a piece marked Allegro should be played. It got me to thinking that I should place this here in case my source disappears, which btw happens more times than you might … Continue reading

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Woodwind Forum: You want answers, you can’t handle answers…

Apologies to the creators of that great line Jack Nicolson delivers in “A Few Good Men”. Where do you go to get answers for almost anything. Internet forums can be a valuable piece of your solution set. When it comes … Continue reading

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Vocal and Instrument Range Chart

I found this at Wikipedia in the Vocal Range category. It is fascinating and a good reference.

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Terry Talks about the “full Boehm” Clarinet

There seems to be some misunderstanding here about the purpose of the “full Boehm” clarinet. It has two distinct aspects that it covers: 1) The low Eb key allows for the performance of A clarinet parts on a Bb clarinet. … Continue reading

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Piano Blue Book

The “Bluebook of Pianos” has been published for over  thirty years. This information is used by Libraries, Retailers, Factories, Salespeople, Music Teachers, and Auction Houses. Our  new and used piano prices are used by technicians and  appraisers. It is piano … Continue reading

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