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Bothell Crows

We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive it off its territory. But above all of them … Continue reading

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Seattle Times: At 92, area’s last typewriter repairman loves his Selectrics

This was such a cool article I just had to share. The area’s last typewriter repairman is 92 and he’ll tell you all kinds of stories. Bob Montgomery has the time for stories because he’s not that busy these days. … Continue reading

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Child Safety

Nephew Drew Glass upon seeing this in Home Depot sez this doesn’t bode well for kids. <Snort!>

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Comparing the Shakuhachi, Okuralo, and concert flutes

One of my most interesting musical friends, Toby shares this with us from the alt.flute alias. Those of you who know me, know I have dabbled with the flute for years, never quite getting traction as I have also been … Continue reading

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Picture du Jour: Cylon Warhorse

From the picture feast.

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Saxophone Signage du Jour

A friend of mine, Helen from the Bassic Sax Blog, has been pointing to neat and exotic signs with saxes in them for years. This one is my all-time fav and I thought I would repost it here. I actually … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up, I want to play like *these guys* :O)

It’s the Saxofollia group again. The joy they bring to their performance tickles me. Stupid hats, bring them on me sez.  Comic routine; why not. Stellar saxophone musicians each, these fellows are both fun to watch and listen to. Reminds … Continue reading

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Kenny G or Kenny Z? Inquiring minds would like to know. ;O)

Kenny G lives! The latest spotting… Kenny G keeps order inside the walls of Luxury Prison. Visit Facebook at or Twitter at to take part in Audi’s two social media contests and join the movement to re-define luxury. … Continue reading

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Big Freaks of the Sax World and other stories from NAMM 2011

Performer, teacher, and all around good guy Greg Vail posts a video this week from NAMM 2011: Bass and Contrabass Sax at NAMM 2011. Greg Vail reports from NAMM 2011 The acronym NAMM  originally stood for the National Association of … Continue reading

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Pan American “Violin Finish” aka Propeller Wood Clarinet

I purchased this striking Pan American “Violin Finish” clarinet (made by Conn) that was mistakenly described on eBay as made from pear wood. It is more commonly known as the propeller wood clarinets. It was dirt cheap and at this … Continue reading

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