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Work at 56, Starting Over

By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day. ~ Robert Frost After 20 years in the military and 20 years at Microsoft, I now work in South Lake … Continue reading

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The price of gas and other commuting atrocities

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.”  ~Ralph Nader I was sitting on the bus last night and happened to look up from my iPad to see miles … Continue reading

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My kind of music, Jazz is

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.” ~ Abraham Maslow With my new job and extended commute, I am practicing less. I need to … Continue reading

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What would your Future Self tell you?

“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” ~ John M. Richardson, Jr. This from a friend on Facebook today: … Continue reading

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Getting Hired by Microsoft ~ the Zoosk way

“I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.” ~ George Burns Over the years many, many family and friends have sent me their resume to get hired by Microsoft. I’m embarrassed to … Continue reading

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Where did the money go ~ the family budget in 2009

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Where Does Your Money Go?

Here’s a nice chart provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interesting that they clump pensions with insurance, but still both only account for 10% of the average income. 34% going for housing seems high to me too. But … Continue reading

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23 Pieces of Advice that College Graduates Don’t Want to Hear

From “You’ve finally done it — earned that coveted diploma. You’re feeling a bit cocky. Your parents are wondering why they had to pay for your expensive education when you already knew everything. Now it’s time to enter The … Continue reading

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Friday’s Musings and other Oddities

I ran smack dab in to Scott Hanselman’s Blog Interesting – 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking and was pleasantly surprised to find many of my recommendations there. I especially appreciated numbers three and five. I find that … Continue reading

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