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The Vintage or New Musical Instrument Decision

I tried to like vintage instruments, the price was right and they are beautious to behold. I even saved some from the trash heap like my Conn C soprano that Sarge of Worldwide Sax was able to revive. Truth be … Continue reading

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Comparing the Shakuhachi, Okuralo, and concert flutes

One of my most interesting musical friends, Toby shares this with us from the alt.flute alias. Those of you who know me, know I have dabbled with the flute for years, never quite getting traction as I have also been … Continue reading

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The Paper Flute

Matt Stohrer, an instrument repair tech and a very creative person, points out this video describing the process of creating a flute from paper. [Correction: Minor correction though: they aren’t paper, although they are printed. Its a plastic of some … Continue reading

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The Great Flute debate: Open or closed hole

Gordon Palmer, a friend of mine who can be found via the contact info at the end of this post recently posted this gem on the Sax on the Web site. I wanted to put it here for my many sax friends who, like me, … Continue reading

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