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Gershwin, a Lovely Voice and Bari Fun

As part of the “In the Mood” show I got to play bari sax on this lovely Dave Wolpe arrangement of Gershwin’s “Summertime”. The vocalist was the lovely and talented Robin Hilt. It is very rare for me to get … Continue reading

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Big Band: Can the Clutter!

Further guidance from my friend Terry Stibal, a professional musician and band manager with his latest band, the Sounds of the South Dance Orchestra. CAN THE CLUTTER!!! We had a video made of our group once, something that I have … Continue reading

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Big Bands ~ Stream of Consciousness

“We dream in order to integrate experiences from our daily lives into our stream of consciousness about our life.” ~ Patricia Randolph I have been listening to big bands around the Seattle area for the last ten years now. And … Continue reading

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Movie for the Weekend ~ The Fab Baker Boys

I was using a Michelle Pfeiffer video of “Ten Cents a Dance” for the Microsoft Jazz Band and I thought of all of the great music played in this movie. It takes the worst of experiences from all singers and … Continue reading

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Makin’ Whoopee

This is a jazz standard that my bands play a lot. It is very popular and this is my all-time favorite version done by the very talented Michelle Pfeiffer. The movie is called “The Fabulous Baker Boys”. I also recommend … Continue reading

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Mad Romance – Real Americana Vocal Quartet

Here is an example why I always include vocalists with the Microsoft Jazz Band. They wow the audience and brings people back to see us again and again.

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Funky, exotic sax lady

The Bassic Sax blog sez, “Today’s post is a comedic one. Marcellina, the Hungarian musician known for playing white, and more recently black saxophones, posted a video on her YouTube channel in December titled Andrea.” A tip o’ the cap … Continue reading

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Pointer provided by friend and MJB pianist Saul Candib. There’s a new music group out there and it’s made up of many of friends from other groups and activities. Cherie Blues is a very tasty jazz and pop group that … Continue reading

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MJB: Third Place Commons Swing Dance

Okay, I’ve finalized the Microsoft Jazz Band set list for the Third Place Commons the last Saturday in January 2011. I know, I know,… It only took me two months. Bruce Gallagher will be on lead tenor and Ray Guyll … Continue reading

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One of my fav videos from the In the Mood show last week is this little gem, A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, arranged by Miller and sung by Robin Hilt. Robin Hilt fronts the Sky View Big Band as … Continue reading

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