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Shaming Americans into Caring about Energy Consumption

How many of you have checked your email today? How about finances? Today, this hour, this month? How many of you know what your energy usage is this week? TED Video by Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your … Continue reading

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Cars of the Future ~ The View from 2012

Some of us wait with fear that eventually you will not be allowed a car, it would drive itself. Others embrace this as the next logical step. If you want to drive it yourself, you would go to a track. … Continue reading

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The price of gas and other commuting atrocities

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.”  ~Ralph Nader I was sitting on the bus last night and happened to look up from my iPad to see miles … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things that should have Disappeared this Decade

The first decade of the new Century and I’m already thinking about what technology and society has made obsolete. The funniest I’ve seen so far is from our friends at the Huffington Post cast as a photo show: 12 Things … Continue reading

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Daddy’s new ride

My cheapo Schwinn Graduate scooter died after two years of nickle and diming me. Finally, it just wouldn’t start so I traded it in on a really nice, reliable Honda. It’s gorgeous, fast, fuel-efficient, and flat out fun. It’s nice … Continue reading

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Front Yard – Advice on beauty without watering and fertilizing

“Americans have long treasured a well-tended lawn. But a small, if determined, movement would replace vistas of unrelentingly green front lawns with at least pockets of exotic flower and vegetable gardens that not only are feasts for the eyes but … Continue reading

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A July Morning in Redmond

Molly, our principal saxophonist, took such nice pictures of her Lupines in the back yard of her new house last week that I was inspired to wander around the yard with my camera. And Carole has been sharing her video … Continue reading

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A Colorful, Happy Spring Bounty

As I monitor my fellow blog posse’s sites I see that this year appears to be a rather good one for plants and wildlife. So in that spirit I thought I’d take some shots of the very happy, healthy plant … Continue reading

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