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A Tourist in Seattle

“To some extent, Seattle remains a frontier metropolis, a place where people can experiment with their lives, and change and grow and make things happen.” ~ Tom Robbins Dear tourist, we were talking about your trip here during our meeting … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Anyone?

Halloween is almost here goblins and ghosts, oh the fear! Pumpkins, black cats and witches too, Bobbing for apples and witches brew. So jump for joy and sound the horn, relax and have some candy corn! ~Candy Corn Wonderland I … Continue reading

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Sundays are for recharging your batteries

In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson My Sunday don’t vary much and is designed by me to be relaxing. It starts with a late wake … Continue reading

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NPR: Hello Plate, Goodbye Pyramid

Now this is a pretty safe bet to be more popular with people who care about what they eat. I’m still looking for where chocolate goes.  It’s a pretty safe bet that not many people will mourn the demise of … Continue reading

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Expensive Eats: Maybe twice a year

Elaine send this interesting article about expensive food experiences. There are so many great places to spend your dining out dollars. But Suzy and I can normally be found at the Mom and Pop places with prices that are amazingly … Continue reading

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