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Unholy Rackett

Excerpted from the Unholy Rackett, a stellar music group discovered on Facebook. As I wished to share the info provided by the Unholy Rackett to the Woodwind Forum I took some highlights that was penned by Simon Rickard. What a … Continue reading

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Brush|Reed ~ Beautiful music for beautiful art

Here’s your chance to contribute to the arts. Clever collaboration by beautiful and talented artists, gotta love and share that! Read more:

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This Community Band Is Up to the Challenge

It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing. ~ Boromir, about the ring in Lord of the Rings. When the Woodinville Community Band director Leah … Continue reading

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Rousseau and Brockman

Brother at arms, saxophonists extraordinaire Eugene Rousseau and Michael Brockman were captured in this picture at my sax instructors’ Master’s of Music program in Oregon in 2004. Both men are educators as well as world-class saxophonists. And I’ve long had … Continue reading

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Measuring Music Tempo ~ How fast is fast?

A music forum noob recently asked me how fast a piece marked Allegro should be played. It got me to thinking that I should place this here in case my source disappears, which btw happens more times than you might … Continue reading

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Quintessence Sax Quintet

Meet the Quintessence Saxophone Quintet; I so luv these guys. Who else can make classical music sound appealing to the current generation. I often turn to these guys instead of grabbing another cup o’ joe to keep me alert and … Continue reading

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Low Sax Quartet Wonder: Danses by John Steve

I so would like to do this with my quartet. I keep coming back to this today to listen. Anyone know where I can buy the sheet music? I’d luv to see my quartet swap from the normal SATB to … Continue reading

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Music du Jour: Rhapsodie for Saxophone

Saxophonist Joonatan Rautiola regales us with his interpretation of this André Waignein work. Classical Sax for the Uninitiated A rhapsody is a poem or a musical piece characterized by a style consisting of loosely related fragments. The movements are linked … Continue reading

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