Meet Shelby II, Our New Puppy

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~ Bernard Williams

44927655_1552523501560698_5313728678445923795_nOur new puppy is a Von Waldberg German Shepherd named Shelby. She was born on September 24, 2018. We expect to take her home this weekend.

Shelby’s Mom: V Tosca von der Wilhelmswarte

ShelbysMomTosca is one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever see. She is as close to perfect as we have and she seems to know how commanding her presence is. She is the first to notice something new and is a natural born leader. When she barks, the other dogs bark. And when she quiets down, the others follow her lead. Her confidence is palpable and she is secure in who she is. Trained to the IPO3 level, the highest possible, Tosca is authoritative and commanding on the training field. She knows how to work and delivers what she is asked for. With her stunning conformation, intelligence and drive, she is, in a word, exceptional. We are proud to be able to say that she is part of von Waldberg.

However, there is more to Tosca than her near perfection. She has one of the most engaging personalities and is playful whenever she is not working. She waits until you are right next to her then intentionally drops her Kong in her water bucket. She will then stand, tail wagging and glance back and forth between you and the bucket. If you still don’t understand what she is asking, she will paw delicately at the water as if to say “will you get my toy, pretty please.” If you could embody all the best traits of a German Shepherd into one, you would end up with Tosca.

Shelby’s Dad: V Messi von der Ramhorst

ShelbysDadMessi is the perfect combination of authoritative, inquisitive and playful. He has a commanding presence with a strong broad head and chest and is a dog that people will notice from a distance. He is confident in himself and faithful to his people and will put himself between you and anything he is cautious of. He is quick to give you his trust and when he arrived from Germany he was fearless and accepting of his new home from the moment he touched down. He approaches any new situation with that same certainty and tenacity and adapts quickly to anything you introduce him to.

He is a substantial dog with a deep bark one moment and the next he will be so excited to play that his bark sounds like laughter. Once he knows you and knows he has your permission to do so, he will stand up on his hind feet, place his front paws on your shoulders and just look at you as if to say “you and me, we are pals.” His independent nature is reflected in his puppies who often will venture out to explore earlier than most.

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