Little Free Library Arsonist ~ March 2018

LittleFreeLibraryFireTravis: Some fucking hooligans torched the community library box. The tree looks damaged too.

David: Call the Sheriff’s Office. Arson is a felony.

Sally: Oh no!!

Lacresha: What a bunch of degenerates

Mike: Did they get caught? I saw the Sheriff there.

Star: I just walked over what a mess! Here’s hoping you can get them–arson is a scary deal. The punks that did this need to be locked up grr!!! I am so angry, hope Jim had a camera on the side of his house…

Simi: This just makes me sad!

Travis: FYI, we saw it coming home. It looked like it had been lit not more than 15-20 minuets before we arrived. I called 911 and stayed to talk with FD. Gave my info in case they had questions.

Star: Thank you so much Travis.

LibraryBurntDown2018Jim: Wow, and I was at a charity gig for kid programs tonight. Suzy will be sad too. I will clean it up tomorrow.

Jim: It will take me some time to see if my cameras saw anything.

This video is of two fellows who walked by our house ~2 minutes before the fire was started and then walked by again after the fire department and crowds dispersed. Anyone recognize them? The walk might be distinctive to those who know them? Please do not share these pictures until we get more info.

Facebook will not allow me to share the vid … here’s a picture. If you think you know them, the picture is much clearing on my screen and you can view the video for walking style.Manage

Image may contain: night and indoor

Travis: That’s me and my friend.

Jim: You got there just before the big light flash. Thanks for letting us know. That’s why I didn’t want to put this out there before we figured out what’s goin on. I didn’t get any other people by my house, so they went the other way.

(Travis was dressed up for ComCon.)

Jim: All cleaned up.

Image may contain: tree, plant, grass, outdoor and nature

Michelle: This is horrible!

Sally: Thank you for doing this.
We were out of town all day at a memorial service in SF ( Marin County) We flew down for the day and just got home. We would like to help in any way we can.

Jim: One of the neighbors said that if we don’t rebuild, the bad guys win?


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