Car Accidents Happen ~ Tips to the Wise

“I don’t want to die in a car accident. When I die it’ll be a glorious day. It’ll probably be a waterfall.” ~ River Phoenix

This tip du jour taken from an interesting thread at work. I wanted to share I with my family and friends. I have changed and edited it a bit.

imageWhen dealing with either insurance regarding the accident, if anyone contacts you asking you to walk them through it, or describe the accident, tell them that it’s not a good time. Maybe tell them that if they would send you written a list of questions you’d be happy to respond  as soon as possible in writing.

If they push it, trying to say it will be quick or they can’t do it in written form, move on to telling them you’re not comfortable making any kind of verbal statement, but you will provide a written response to any request for information. This lets you take time to form a clear response to anything they ask. You can also take time and re-read to make sure you really said what you wanted to and didn’t contradict yourself. It seems a little time consuming but it will protect you in the end.

imageLong story short it’s these guys responsibility to do and say whatever it takes to pay you, the other guy, and or anyone else as little money as possible. So know what to say and when to shut up, read your policy, take a look at city or state law, hire a lawyer if needed, and protect your own interest.

Long semi-dramatic tales of insurance company woe included below.

Last year someone backed into my wife in her parked car in a parking lot. We provided a written statement then later they called saying they needed her to explain it all again and they talked round and round attempting to get her to say she “might” have also been starting to back up. Mind you this was our own insurance company, they did this because the lady who hit her had no insurance and if they had gotten her to say she was also moving/starting to move they could have declared they were both at fault and it would be a $300 deductible rather than the $50 we have for uninsured motorist claims.

More recently I had to take my niece to the ER after she was hit by a car on her skateboard.  The lady who hit her had cut through and area of her churches parking lot behind the building that they roped off during the weekdays specifically so that kids could skate without worrying about cars.

While waiting at the ER someone with the ladies insurance companies showed up and I had to stop him from interrogating her. He tried to get my nice to say that she had maybe gone out of bounds because she wasn’t paying attention, or maybe she had fallen earlier in the day so her broken wrist wasn’t caused by the accident ect. I told him he needed to leave and that once we got done and had her home her parents would be more than happy to help her get a written statement together for his company. 

He responded by trying to tell me if we refused to answer his questions right then he could write it all off and we would never see a dime. Now we have a lawyer involved who tells us they should have never attempted to talk to a 14 year old in the first place, not to mention the fact that he did it without her parents around( I made it very clear I was not her father).

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