Neurowear for the Cat in You

“Neurowear is the name of our project to develop fashion items and gadgets using brain waves and other biosensor with “Augumented Human Body” as the concept. Other than the first project “necomimi”, we are planning to development other various items.” ~ Neurowear web site


neurowear is a gadget project organization (not a company) in Japan founded on the concept of the “Augumented Human Body”. The group’s first project, known as necomimi NeuroWear(from nekomimi (猫耳?, “cat ear(s)”)) is a headband with a MindWave brain wave sensor manufactured by NeuroSky and motorized cat shaped ears programmed to turn up when the wearer concentrates and to turn down when he or she relaxes.

In May 2011, neurowear announced a plan to release necomimi “internationally later this year at a price of several hundred dollars per unit.” As of November 2011, the consumer release is scheduled for Spring 2012. In November 2011, Time Magazine selected necomimi as one of the 50 best inventions of the year.

Ten years will we still be saying, “Oh, those crazy Japanese.” or will we all be wearing a set?

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