Work at Home Wednesdays?

imageA number of years ago I was talking to my boss about her “Work at Home Wednesdays”. She was the kind of person who interviewed new team members very thoroughly and then trusted them to do the right thing. (The picture to the right is from

When I was a manager, I didn’t care when my employee’s got to work or went home. I just gave them more work than they could do with a lot of stretch goals and then let them at it. I knew this would work because I was in the enviable position of having hired these folks. Long after I have moved on to new positions, they have grown to be stellar resources for my company.

Unfortunately, the umbrella team I worked for didn’t appreciate that. They rolled out “core work hours” that spanned 10 AM to 4 PM. That mostly hurt the writers on my team that had school-aged kids. They disallowed work at home days in the week too. When I probed my management rep, she said there were problems on some of my peer teams (not my team) where people were taking advantage of a rather lax management style. So my team had to toe the line so that management could say everyone was being treated the same. I attribute some moves away from my team to this heavy handed policy. Sigh…

Snyder attributes the success of Sonoma’s scheduling to its thorough interview screening process, saying, “once someone’s an employee we have the utmost confidence in them to behave responsibly and not abuse the system.”

So this article about Sonoma Partners, a company that I work with, did not surprise me. Wicked smart, the two principles hire smart, like I did, and trust their people. Maybe this won’t work at most jobs, but where you are hiring the best and the brightest to do mondo work, it only makes sense. Reducing turnover saves a company a lot of money. Happy employees improve the quality of life at any company.


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One Response to Work at Home Wednesdays?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. This is just one of the reasons that women are, indeed, compromised in their careers over the years. If employment environments provided more flexibility (and good managers that know how to manage work as well as people), parents – male or female – would be better off. Families would be better off.

    This is especially problematic for those of us who are raising children solo – or even with with co-parenting arrangements.

    For your reading pleasure (hope you don’t mind):

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