For Men: Fighting the Lust Thang

“I’ve looked on many women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times. God knows I will do this and forgives me.” ~ Jimmy Carter

onelasttime3dI was lookin’ around for something to highlight today and ran across this art from Steven Stahlberg’s site. This picture (and his other one presented below) speaks to me as a man, but maybe I’m reading more into than the artist intended. Or maybe not as he titled it “One Last Time”. It features a beautiful and young naked woman facing a p monster head emerging from the dark. The girl is half reaching for and half blocking the monster’s phallus-shaped presence with a small hand.

Yes, it is our old friend lust, an emotional force that is directly associated with the thinking or fantasizing about one’s desire, usually in a sexual way. Sounds rather dry as a definition. But the result can be attributed to your pants suddenly not fitting just right, a change in breathing patterns, and the inability to concentrate on whatever you were doing before that beautiful young thing flashed into your awareness.

The Jimmy Carter’s quote comes up a lot. I think of Jimmy as one of the most honorable men in the US. Many of us do. Most men battle their genetic pre-disposition to act upon their lustful desires. There are so many ways to do this in a hurtful and wrong way. And it doesn’t help that there are so many gorgeous, smart, and appealing women out there tempting us without even trying to. In fact, lust has ruined many a man. We hear about it in the news time and time again. It’s an old story replaying throughout time.

I don’t wonder that this will ever be resolved. Education, support, and family might be the only help in the long run. But then I could be wrong about that too. So I resolve to be a better man every day and teach my boys to respect the rights and wishes of their women friends. Help them and you to make the right decisions about sex.

Mark R Slaughter has a poem that I’d like to share with my friends here.

Curse of Lust

O Lust! you’re burning holes in our affair.
We lost our brazen face without a care–
Flaunting all in front of those who scowled,
Laughing at the doleful – e’er we howled!

Ironically, our sneering turned inside
To out the damage, tear apart our pride.
We saw we’d fallen for the devil’s dust!
So let’s in shame the blade to take and thrust!

  ~  Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009

stevenstahlberg2I want to think most men do the right thing in this space. And by that I mean, they don’t wreak havoc on the world leaving devastated women in their wake. In a society that takes great pride is reporting and highlighting the horrible and ugly things that happen in this world, I’m not sure we really know where we are in that regard. The situation is worse in third-world countries where the citizens are not well educated. And there are plenty of horrific stories out there.

I have to say though that reports that the ubiquity of porn on the Internet has reduced the number of violent sex crimes in recent history is promising. Maybe the pictures and videos that are on the web can act as a pressure release valve for those who find human contact challenging. Life may never be perfect, but it would be nice for us to find some solutions for the human condition that make sense and don’t ruin a person’s quality of life by locking them up in the very expensive prison system.

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