Top 10 e-paper technologies in the next 20 years | ZDNet

This was too good not to share. Makes me wonder if my great grandchildren (no I don’t have any… yet) will not recognize paperback books.

ZDNet | Chris Jablonski ~ Over the next two decades, conventional print and static information displays will slip into the electronic realm as breakthroughs in e-paper technologies unfold.  Today’s portable touchscreen devices and e-readers like the Kindle and Nook are paving the way for next-gen e-devices with magazine-quality color, viewable in bright sunlight, but requiring low power. They’ll also be durable, flexible, and even contain video.

The Journal of the Society for Information Display recently published a paper (registration required) titled, “A Critical Review of the Present and Future Prospects for Electronic Paper” that lists the top ten electronic paper devices that consumers can expect over this time horizon that I reproduced below.

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The low power devices are especially interesting. It still freaks me out to see young Microsofties reading books from their Win7 phones while they wait for the bus.

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2 Responses to Top 10 e-paper technologies in the next 20 years | ZDNet

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  2. Interesting stuff. I still like my books, with real paper. I always will – which doesn’t mean I won’t adopt other technologies for other sorts of information access.

    But the glossy pages of a gorgeous magazine when I want to relax? Delicious.

    The feel of a well-worn paperback in my hands, much loved – read and re-read? Pure comfort.

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