Quintessence Saxophone Quintet plays Bach

image I so luv these guys and keep gravitating back to them. Meet the Quintessence Saxophone Quartet. Here’s what they say about the group:

The Quintessence Saxophone Quintet ranks among the most creative contemporary saxophone ensembles worldwide. The five have become very adept in modern adaptation of classical and barock masterpieces of composer such as: Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart or Handel. The sheer beauty of the Classics intermingle with the vibrancy of Jazz to produce a single entity without stylistic restrictions.

Uli Lettermann (soprano & alto), Sven Hoffmann (alto & soprano), Andreas Menzel (tenor & alto), Kai Niedermeier (tenor), Anatole Gomersall (baritone) produce a quality of sound that can change at a moment’s notice from the imposing power of mouth-blown brass to a subtle airy whisper akin to a string quartet.

Since their foundation in 1993, QSQ has been seen on numerous stages,  at events and festivals worldwide. The Culture Art Hall in Seoul, The Leipzig Bach Festival, The Rheingau Musik Festival, The Beethoven Festival in Bonn or the Reconstruction Concerts of the “Frauenkirche” in Dresden are impressive examples. The QSQ has shared the stage with stars like Bobby McFerrin, the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig and the legendary Jacques Loussier.

An important aim of QSQ is to touch the audience’s heart rather than just appeal to the intellect. Each concert is a celebration in which the audience can laugh and rejoice. The witty presentation, more or less comical choreographic contributions and intelligently humorous arrangements make the ingredients for a new approach to the enjoyment of classical music. Quintessence is entirely saxophone and over the top entertainment.

Here is one of my fav recordings by them:

Can’t believe there are only five of them.

You can by CDs from their site or Amazon.

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