Mother’s Day Present for Suzy

Suzy has been toying with the idea of replacing her 13 year old car for a while now. But she really wanted a hybrid or electric car. So this weekend I took her to a dealer to try out the best luxury hybrid that I could find. After much hemming and hawing she selected this:


It’s a Lexus HS hybrid that gets 35 miles per gallon in and out of town. It is super high-tech with sat radio, backup camera, HomeLink, Electrochromic rear view mirrors, and smart access (don’t need key) system. Driving around yesterday was fun and the grandkids couldn’t believe how quiet it was. I started it up and they couldn’t hear the engine.

And Suzy talks to the car. She sez “70 degrees” and the car computer responds and sets the temperature. She sez, “Call Jim” and her cell phone via BlueTooth places a call to me. She sez “Home” and the car sez, “At the next corner take a right.” and then takes her home.

This car is smaller than Suzy’s ‘97 Jaguar XJ6, handles better, and will not require postponing travel because of the rare snow filled day in the winter. Nimble, it can turnaround in about 1/3 less space than the Jag. And there is no concession to power here, especially the way Suzy drives. Now if this car was for Gerg, the car would be waaaay too slow.   ;o)

Happy Mom’s day Suzy.  :O)


About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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6 Responses to Mother’s Day Present for Suzy

  1. Curt says:

    VERY NICE! Congrats Suzy! -Vanessa

  2. Deb says:

    I am soooo jealous. Terrific car and she is worth it!

  3. JaAG says:

    Thanks V! Um Debby, you’re worth it too. I’m just sayin’…

  4. Maria says:

    What a present I mean seriously it sounds and looks a I wish I could both drive and afford something like this …Does it make coffee too? ;o)

  5. JaAG says:

    Coffee? Oh yeah baby, that’s in next year’s model. ;O)

  6. JaAG says:

    So a couple of weeks later, we are at an average of 30.5 mpg with 90% in-town driving.

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