NYT: The Mediocre Multitasker

Madhura sends me this article from the NYT. I’ve always wondered about this:

Read it and gloat. Last week, researchers at Stanford University published a study showing that the most persistent multitaskers perform badly in a variety of tasks. They don’t focus as well as non-multitaskers. They’re more distractible. They’re weaker at shifting from one task to another and at organizing information. They are, as a matter of fact, worse at multitasking than people who don’t ordinarily multitask.

You know what this means. This means that the people around you — the husband who’s tapping the computer keys during an important phone conversation with you, the S.U.V. driver with the grande latte and the cellphone, the dinner companion with the roving eye and twitching thumbs — are not only irritating, they are (let’s not be fainthearted) incompetent.

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This was one of the responses to my Facebook status:  Urban word of the day, "cognitus interruptus’ A disruption of the normal thought process, normally by an external distraction. This occurs most often at times where mental focus is a necessity. Cognitus interruptus sometimes leads to procrastination, leading to further cognitus interruptus and creating a cycle.

I won’t even mention what Debs and Maria said.  ;O)


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4 Responses to NYT: The Mediocre Multitasker

  1. john says:

    Now, standing on the corner shouting to the drivers sipping away, putting on make up, cell phone in ear…. etc… You are Incompetent. I love it, so many brag, now when they brag they are saying they are almost useless.

  2. JaAG says:

    The thing is there are some people who can do this and do it very well, but that is a very small percentage of the population. It worries me when the driver in the car in front of me dives under the dash for something; what’s that about?

  3. Graham says:

    People need to focus. That’s all they need. Focus. All become like cameras.

  4. kitten says:

    Love this post darling really gifts one food for thought. I frequently cringe at the person that seems to only gift perfunctory courtesy to their driving as if that is all it takes…wonderful post …kisses Catherine

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