A Man’s Home is his Castle?

How much do we luv this story and hope that he gets away with it.  :O)

                      NPR: Is That A Castle You’re Hiding Behind That Haystack?


A British farmer who secretly built a castle and hid it behind haystacks to avoid trouble from local planning authorities was ordered by a court Wednesday to demolish it.

Farmer Robert Fidler built the mock Tudor castle in Surrey and moved into it with his family in 2002.

He says he had applied in 1996 to build a house on his farmland, but the authorities wouldn’t grant him permission. So, when he and his wife were feeling "desperate," they found a loophole in the British law.

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2 Responses to A Man’s Home is his Castle?

  1. Deb's says:

    the sad thing is … this is not the first, nor will it be the last story of this kind, local councils and the planning authorities tend to be proper jobsworth and tend to be lacking in common sense as well as the ability to rationalise; What possible harm is it doing on his land anyway, fingers crossed he gets to keep his home in one piece. hugsxXx

  2. kitten says:

    Grand post darling. I know this gentleman you write about does have God on his side as well as common sense. I feel the same is true here in America as well. Without going into a political rant, which I could with ease, I shall refrain but will state. Too much taxing, over stepping of governmental authority…is nothing short of intrusive into our pursuit of happiness, undo mandates and regulations are often enacted making little or no sense. This is a prefect example of a person that shows responsibility taking care of not only himself but his family as well, on his property. Let me stress …his…property. Every human being should be entitled to his or her own personal freedoms.Big government is not the answer…entitlement programs are not the answer; yet in growth of freedom, personal responsibility states it all. That with freedom does a body good. And not to mention when those who are in need or find a sorrow along their path; I find with a tear how great Americans can be, for we are sometimes at our very best when things are at their very worst…but will all desire…Freedom with the grace of love for one another.I love how you always surprise and delight.Kisses Catherine

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