Vocal and Instrument Range Chart

I found this at Wikipedia in the Vocal Range category. It is fascinating and a good reference.

Instrument range


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5 Responses to Vocal and Instrument Range Chart

  1. Who drew up the actual chart, I study Orchestration :) says:

    Hey there, I googled instrument timbre range charts, and found this. I cant find the chart itself on Wiki. Did you create it?

    – Thanks,


  2. Nilesh Vyas says:

    Well, I have the Spectratone Chart : http://www.alexanderpublishing.com/Products/Spectrotone-Chart-Download__Spec-01-Download.aspx

    But when it comes to other timbres, yours seems to be the only one!

  3. Gandalfe says:

    I wonder why Wikipedia removed this most excellent chart!

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