I was sitting at the table…

And looking at this fine parmesan, mushroom, tomato pasta dish with garlic toast. I’m sure there’s a fancy name for this dish, I just don’t know it but I bet Graham would. Dinner looked fine so I ran to get my camera. Notice the garlic bread has already been nibbled—I’m hard pressed not snack on it first.

I realized how much fine food I’ve enjoy through the years because my wife is such a fine cook many times cooking from scratch. She has her own bread maker, pasta maker, and the like. Processed food isn’t to our taste because it often comes with so much seasoning including too much salt and sugar. And when we go to a friends house to eat, we’ll often bring something that I know I’ll be able to eat and enjoy. Is that bad of me.  ;o)


I would top this off with a healthy slice of pumpkin pie with a glass of milk. Suzy knows my favorite dishes and will even prepare food for me that she doesn’t like. So the next night Theo and I had swordfish while Suzy had chicken. Theo becomes my best friend when Suzy prepares fish for me. The rest of the time he mostly ignores me.  :o)

About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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4 Responses to I was sitting at the table…

  1. Maria says:

    Looks delicious…can I have a nibble? We tend to cook from scratch a lot of the time, mainly because I thnk it tastes better, it’s cheaper..and we can hide some of the good stuff the kids won’t eat in the meals…Never had pumpkin pie…or pumpkin for that matter.. though must say it looks mighty tasty ;o)

  2. JaAG says:

    I have been know to say pumpkin pie counts as a serving of vegetables. And for that matter than oatmeal raisin cookies are healthy for you too. :o)

  3. Soma says:

    I can’t answer directly, JaAG, because I have no idea of what ‘Voluptuary’ might mean to you. Let me disappoint right now: it is not my real occupation. Who could obtain or subsist on delight alone? At least without a substantial private income or some form of chromosomal anomaly. But then, your profile lists your occupation as ‘Itinerant Musician’… You’ll have to pardon me for harrumphing, but I do not have a good history with itinerant musicians; a homeless guitarist gifted me with my son at an early age, and a sorry interlude earlier this very year proved that I have still not learned my lesson. That ravioli looks good, by the way. You’re right to ask Graham. If you like pumpkin pie, you might like a similar confection using chestnut puree sweetened with honey. Or serve it dolloped onto merangues and drizzled with bitter chocolate. Too hungry to stay.ByeJ

  4. Deb's says:

    I’ve only ever had pumpkin served as soup, or carved with a candle in it for haloween :)) may have to hunt a recipe for pumpkin pie to give it a tryhugsdebsxXx

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