John Bogle: The Twelve Pillars of Wisdom

My dad dropped this off at my house after an afternoon of 4th of July festivities including grilled food, happy kids, exuberant pets, and family talk.

“Despite the 15% stock market rally of the past month, a nice rebound from the early April lows, the bear market in stocks that began nearly 14 months ago may yet have some life remaining. But at that scary low point, even if you were a prudent investor, and even if you had seen the decline coming, you may well have had at least two second thoughts: "Why didn’t I cut back—or even eliminate!—my equity holdings a year ago?" And "What on earth should I do now?" – John Bogle, Founder of the very successful Vanguard Group.

Pillar 1: Investing is not nearly as difficult as it looks

Pillar 2: When all else fails, fall back on simplicity

Pillar 3: Time marches on

Pillar 5 Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Pillar 6: The eternal triangle

Pillar 7: The powerful magnetism of the mean

Pillar 8: Do not overestimate your ability to pick superior equity mutual funds nor underestimate your ability to pick superior bong and money market funds

Pillar 9: You may have a stable principal value or a stable income stream, but you may not have both

Pillar 10: Beware of “Fighting the Last War”

Pillar 11: You rarely, if ever, know something the market does not

Pillar 12: Think long-term

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  1. JaAG says:

    54, but I look 64. :o)

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