What do you consider ‘off the table’

posse I was thinking the other day about successful organizations, blogs, and the like. Successful organizations or publications are not created in isolation but thrive with constant interactions, review, and comparisons to like activities. Negotiations happen all the time and often there are more than one point of view that could work. Success happens when you move to implement a great solution.

But some of us shut down such input because of harder to define reasons. We have to ask ourselves, what are we not willing to consider and why?

So in the case of a band, even a band that caters to swing dance clubs on occasions, I won’t consider doing polkas. I’ve played in Big Bands that do polkas and even waltzes, but that’s not where I want to be. But you know what, in those other bands, when you play a polka, every man, child, and grandma gets up and dances. It’s amazing how popular that stuff is.

When I’m blogging, I consider:

  • religion
  • politics
  • sex

‘off the table’. But does that make sense—am I just taking the easy way out? Do big breakthroughs come from doing something that everyone else says is off the table? Maybe my audience would grow if I strayed from my formula just a bit.

I’d like to have some success in blogging and combos, my passions du jour. As it is today, my blog helps me to keep track of things that interest me and/or ideas I might want to delve into later. My bands, yes plural, are opportunities for me to play music with people more talented than me but still play the music I like. I really don’t dwell upon what the audience or my blog posse would enjoy. What is ‘off the table’ for you?


About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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11 Responses to What do you consider ‘off the table’

  1. Gary says:

    Oh Add some Polkas to the list already. You are playing music for the dancers. If they want 1 or 2 polkas in a 2 hour dance, it would be nice to cater to them….. Besides, playing 1 or 2 can be a fun change of pace.

  2. JaAG says:

    Sigh… you’re probably right. :o)

  3. Deb's says:

    I have covered most topics on my site, including the topics that many tend to shy away from like sex, religion and on occasion even politics, but then I view my site as a place where i talk about things that I have been mulling over, the only area I tend to hold back is on the conversations that due to lack of parental control on these sites – will not allow me to discuss any further.don’t blame you for not wanting to play the occasional polka…although must admit to dancing to a few whilst under the influence … hic! ;)) many years ago i might add… far to sensible in my drinking habits nowadays…. lolhugsdebsx

  4. Sue says:

    There really shouldn’t be a subject we can’t cover—if we all had some finesse about HOW we say it. Politics and religion are certainly good subjects as long as one remembers that we all have our own opinions about them. This Space doesn’t want anything sexual, so I guess THAT is off the table. Love your space and am into music too—especially jazz and big band! Come visit me—oh, and I’m a writer too—so don’t be surprised if I have a lot of "book" news on my space. Hey, polkas aren’t so bad, if you don’t have to endure them in large chunks. I especially love the "Pie in the Face" polka from "The Great Race"!!! Country music, rap (if you call that music) and heavy metal are the only types I shy away from.

  5. kitten says:

    Darling you write like so many others including myself for your pleasure yet you always surprise and delight for you have a very nice way of displaying your things, your titles alone often peak interest. You post on many subjects that is why so many read you even if they do not post a comment on your things. I always enjoy your musical posts so very much too.I write for myself, my poetry, and things posted on my space afford that place to escape just a little sojourn. I have been remiss in most of things not very attentive as of late…too many nice days to partake of.I do not think there should be anything off the table but posting things in good taste should always hold some élan and sophistication I hope you agree. Almost anything can be presented if you approach it in the right manner.Very informative post as well as thought provoking darling I like that you always gift me food for thought.Be well this wondrous day darling Kisses Catherine

  6. JaAG says:

    Deb, you are braver than me in most thing me thinks.Sue, I found you off someone else’s space. You do seem like a busy, interesting person.Kitten, we’d luv to hear more from you. I was especially surprise when you removed some things from your blog site. I trust there have been no reoccuring problems. I miss those things. :o)

  7. Graham says:

    Off the table…gargoyles. Salt cellars shaped like farm animals. Cold baths. Other than that, we’ll discuss anything.I actually bought a little resin gargoyle in a tourist shop. It’s sitting on my mantle piece right now.

  8. JaAG says:

    Graham, I was taking a picture of a Gargoyle at about eye level in the Malbork castle in Poland when a tourist guide told me that was actually a medievel sign pointing to the rest room. Say what? ;o)

  9. Greg says:

    As in all things, you need to keep your audience/community in mind. Certainly you wouldn’t want to expose anything too polarizing if you are going for mass appeal – but then if you are looking to appeal to some folks at the risk of alienating others, then fire away. This is what makes talk radio and certain cable channels successful.In my view a blog is kind of like a party; you have a good idea of who is there, but still cannot be sure who will show up. I don’t think things should necessarily be off the table, but should be approached with tact, sensitivity, and humor (if at all possible). The thing you want to avoid is ranting or yelling or lecturing or arguing or other non productive behaviors. That will drive people away more than anything.

  10. JaAG says:

    Some of the nicest people are rabid about certain things like health, exercise, and diet. If that’s all you talk about, it does get old. But then people might say that about me and my obsession with music. For instance, I just spent twenty minutes looking for audio of Morrissey’s "Carnival Day in New Orleans" so I could practice to it. There goes my lunch time and I didn’t succeed.

  11. Greg says:

    Oh yeah, I left of obsessing about topics no one else cares about from my list. Probably because that’s my worst habit as well :)

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