Dear Pixar, we need a different kind of hero…

uppic We took two of the grandkids and our daughter to see UP. What a laugh fest that was. Getting food by the way for five people reminded me how much work it was to raise kids.

From NPR and Linda Holmes we hear this.

“I have nothing against princesses. I have nothing against movies with princesses. But don’t the Disney princesses pretty much have us covered? If we had to wait for your thirteenth movie for you to make one with a girl at the center, couldn’t you have chosen something — something — for her to be that could compete with plucky robots and adventurous space toys?

Or more to the point, why couldn’t your first female central character be as specifically drawn as the women and girls (and girl robots, etc.) you’re already writing as secondary characters? Ratatouille has a chef! WALL-E has Eve! The Incredibles has superheroes!“

Very nicely put and an interesting view point. And the comments are even a good read this time with this comment from Jenz:

“And regarding Wall-E. Did you miss that not only is Eve a main character of the story she is the one that saves Wall-E? She was more advanced and stronger.”

We hardily recommend this movie. Kudos to Pixar.


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