Handwriting, soon to be a thing of the past?

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The slow death of handwriting – Source: news.bbc.co.uk

"For some, that is already the case. But writer Kitty Burns Florey says the art of handwriting is declining so fast that ordinary, joined-up script may become as hard to read as a medieval manuscript."

A century from now, our handwriting may only be legible to experts. I watch my grandson struggle to write in cursive, but type with ease on the computer. And I suspect this may come to be true. He is 13 and already loves the computer’s ability to spell check on the fly.

My grandson has not ever seen a typewriter either. How can this be?


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Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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7 Responses to Handwriting, soon to be a thing of the past?

  1. Bertie says:

    This is sad. But even today many people don’t write legibly. However a beautiful hand written letter or poem is a real treasure. But "times, they are achanging".

  2. Beth says:

    It is just progress Bertie. I love watching the electronic age evolve as it all fascinates me no end. You are so right about the handwriting. Since I have been using the computer for everything for over 11 years my handwriting has really suffered.

  3. Rambling says:

    I’m with Bertie here. I don’t think that will come to pass however.

  4. Graham says:

    It’s progress. But it’s not good. We used to have handwriting lessons at school. They were worthwhile. Learning good script is like learning to ride a bicycle; once learnt, never forgotten. But with no bruises or scars.

  5. Maria says:

    Hiya was just passing through and noticed this blog, so I hope you don’t mind if I comment. I home school my youngest daughter who is 6, and although she has one lesson a week in which she uses the computer, the rest of her work is always hand written , and in addition she also has hand writing lessons, usually copying a poem or something, and practices her letter formation. I understand also that computers are fast replaacng written work, as my daughter who is in the process of doing her G.C.S.Es, seems to have to type the majority of her work, and then print it off. Spell check doesn’t always help either… and I find it sad that so many kids today are leaving school, fluent in text speak, but being unable to write, or spell properly.Anyway..I enjoyed browsing your space..Please excuse any spelling mistakes,LOL.. and enjoy the rest of your weekend…Maria :):)

  6. Maria says:

    Hello again…have just been informed by my daughter that although coursework is generally typed via computer, when it comes to her final exams…all her answers, essays etc are required to be handwritten….lets hope many of them remember how LOL

  7. Deb's says:

    Hiya, I still write letters by hand, and I may type them at a later date to store them on file, but if it is a personal letter then it would be a handwritten one, I also find the flow of writing is different when I use a pen rather than type.have a great week hugsdebsxXx

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