This is Seattle or We Don’t Do Snow 2008

We have been enjoying, can I say that, enjoying more snow and ice this year than any prior year going back to 1990. If you didn’t know it, Seattlites don’t do snow. And so many of them try to, no matter how bad the weather is. Here is one of the more popular videos that demonstrates that very clearly.

We have been very careful to stay away from these situations in the two times we’ve gone out in three days. But the dawgs luv the snow and ice, asking repeatedly to go out and play. Remember these two dawgs are essentially indoor doglies who watch TV with us and sleep in our bedroom. So on one of the trips out I grabbed my camera to get some evidence, I mean pictures.

DSCF1124      DSCF1135      DSCF1130 

     ~our festive door~                                   ~the new milk box~                                    ~the commons~

DSCF1132 DSCF1121 DSCF1116

   ~neighbors sledding~                                         ~trailer blocks street off~                          ~Suzy and Shelby look on~

I have the whole week off this coming week. Suzy and I are spending it trying to get some new music down for upcoming practices and lessons. Even if our lessons are canceled we’re still having fun. Be well.

About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Seattle Solid GOLD Big Band (formerly the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra), and enjoy time with family and friends.
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6 Responses to This is Seattle or We Don’t Do Snow 2008

  1. Beth says:

    Enjoy the snow and have fun on your days off.

  2. Deb's says:

    it looks gorgeous…. but i think I’d be opting for watching thru the window…. lolhave a wonderful christmas with love to you and the familyhugsdebsxXx

  3. Josie says:

    The kids and I ventured out in our car and did the sideway car mamba. We got to the grocery store without hitting anyone. On the way home, we ended up in the intersection on a red light to avoid being hit by the perosn behind us, while he shimmy and shook because he couldn’t stop. We will stay home for the remainder of the storm… or winter, lol.

  4. JaAG says:

    I predict the snow will be gone by Friday. Can you last that long Josie. We’re swing by tomorrow with the kid’s gifts and stuff.

  5. Bertie says:

    The news we’ve heard says this is the worst storm since 1954. We got a lot more snow than you have. There is at least 15" here. We’ve missed four newspaper and the milkman didn’t show. But there are 2 or 3 inches of ice under the snow. We really need to get to the store tomorrow for food, but will wait and see. The slightly higher temps melted it all somewhat but we are told it will freeze up again tonight. This is getting old since last Tuesday. Tried to call the bank today but they were closed because of the weather. We may not get out by Christmas and I’d miss our Scrabble game. Sob.

  6. kitten says:

    Great pictures Darling! Don’t forget to make snow Angels and build that big beautiful snowman too..Merry Christmas Snow. Kisses Catherine

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