For Sale: 1928 Conn F Mezzo Soprano Saxophone (eBay)

I have been long toying with the purchase of a Conn F Mezzo soprano saxophone. So I was very excited when this one was listed this month:

ConnF "Up for auction is a RARE 1928 Conn F Mezzo Soprano Sax. Sometimes described as F altos, these saxes have a very interesting history that began in the mid-1920s and ended shortly after. Most of the F saxes ended up in Conn’s repair facility as test horns that were intentionally damaged and then repaired by Conn technicians. For more about the history go here:

ConnF3 This may have been one of those "test" horns as it has a port added to the neck for what I can on imagine was a microphone. It is covered by a cap and seals perfectly, and therefore has no effect on its playability. This saxophone is plated with satin silver and has a light gold wash in the bell. The plating is in near perfect condition and shows almost no signs of wear other than some missing plating near the neck cork (from an overly aggressive cork replacement, I think), and a small amount of tarnish that could easily be polished off. There is also a number engraved above the serial number that may have been a previous owner’s identification number. I have tried to show all of the horn’s blemishes in the pictures. There are no major dents or scratches to speak of…this horn is really in near perfect shape.

ConnF6 Included is a brand new hard rubber F Mezzo-Soprano mouthpiece that I just acquired through JJ Babbitt (the makers of Otto Link, Meyer and many more) as well as a modified Protec trumpet case. I do not have the original mouthpiece or case. It has been through a repair shop recently and doesn’t need any pads, corks or felts. It is ready to play right out of the box." – author’s name removed at his request.

It sold yesterday for $4,650.00 to a bidder called jmichaelleonard. J. Michael Leonard is a world-famous saxophone player who will actually use this instrument as it was really meant to be used. That is if the buyer really is J. Michael because in this day and times anyone can use anyone’s name.I must admit that I do have a rare F Mezzo sax mouthpiece just in case I ever get a chance to play one. And one of the most successful eBay instrument sellers, QuinnTheEskimo, lets me know when he has interesting instruments for sale, like the Conn-o-sax that I got to play last year. Sweet!


About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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6 Responses to For Sale: 1928 Conn F Mezzo Soprano Saxophone (eBay)

  1. Rambling says:

    I can imagine the excitement.  Had you almost bid on it..decided you might bid on it..or did you just wait to see what happened?  I like the thing you said however..that he will play it the way it is meant to be played..the gentleman who won the auction.

  2. daphne says:

    I think it looks a beautiful instrument, like it has seen things and has been part of cool clubs.
    too bad you didn’t get it, but there is always tomorrow!
    love, daphne

  3. lucy says:

    he gandalfe you cat is so cute i wish my cat was that cute lol . 
    I like the Saxophone my friend at school is very good on a Saxophone.

  4. Kathryn says:

    WOW! :-)
    T’anks for stopping by my site and reading about Bat Boy *laugh* — I will be taking photos – prob’ly starting tonight!

  5. coco says:

    it looks like a nice Saxophone. dont be sad if you didnt get it. maybe you could get better one someday.

  6. I almost buy one of those F mezzosopranos in mint condition a few years ago, but it was so out of tune that I could not play on an ensemble with it.

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