Thongs and Granny panties

In response to Elizabeth’s ‘Boxers and Briefs‘ I offer this rebuttal. Now I know I’m treading on thin ice here. When a lady talks about men’s underpants, it often considered cute or foxy. When I guy talks about a woman’s under garments, we are usually considered hound dogs. Ah well, into the breach…

The models in the ‘typical ad’ in most cases make eye contact. Based on this I think the audience for this clothing item is both male and female. Even when they are wearing functional only panties, like the lady on the left in this picture, only very sexy women are used as models. I wonder if is it a requirement to have long hair to be a panty model.

So I thought I’d borrow some of Elizabeth’s provocative questions and ask them here for the other gender to consider.

Do women really stand around in their underwear admiring themselves?
Do women models need to be “fitted” into their underwear? What are the qualifiers for that job?
Do women judge themselves on how much alike they look to the women who model the underwear?
Is there a woman alive who will admit to wearing one of these?

So here are my questions for those who wear women’s underwear.

1. Have you ever worn thong underwear outside of the bedroom? Why?

2. Have you ever worn granny panties, ever?

3. Do you usually match your underwear to your socks?

For those of you who may ask, “What does thongs and grannies have to do with playing saxophone?” I say, hey, we all wear ’em, and saxophonists play better with clean ones.  ;o)

Update: Elaine (and apparently Oprah) recommend the hanky panky thong.

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Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Seattle Solid GOLD Big Band (formerly the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra) a GOLD sax quartet, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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16 Responses to Thongs and Granny panties

  1. JaAG says:

    This is so cool Elaine. Finally I can buy Suzy a really nice and hot pair of panties that she might actually wear. I love surprising her with new finds, be it interesting science, a hot fashion item, or killer music.  Thanks!  

  2. Carol says:

    I can’t believe they photoshopped that brunette’s head on my body…;).  I wish. 
     As you must know women take underwear very seriously.  Granny panties are a definite no.     

  3. daphne says:

     I used to wear thongs – but my, do i hate them! And there is of course a whole lot to choose from and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the granny panties… i usually wear shorts or hipsters (yeah, i live in a non-English speaking country, it means they aren’t that high, so you don’t see them when you bend over… why would i bend over? Hmm… too much information perhaps)!
    Cheerful entry though!!!
    love, daphne

  4. JaAG says:

    Carol, don’t bust my bubble. From now on that’s what I’ll  think you look like. Of course you can feel free to think I look like the models on your site. :o) 
    Daphne, you crack me up. Hipsters eh. I, accidently mind you, saw a friends wife bend over last night. I think she was going commando. I trust no one saw me blush. I moved out of the line of sight right away as I didn’t want to embarrass anyone.

  5. kitten says:

    I love Victoria’s Secret panties, I wear Thongs in and out of the bedroom, mood, style and functionality make the choice of the day, styles from Brazilian cut, Tangas, Hip Huggers, Boy shorts style, low- rise, so many its hard to just pick one but I prefer my panties to be of lace, silk, satin, mesh, or scalloped, although I buy by mood. I love the Victorian looks so romantic but still holds a modern flare. I think they look so sensual they feel great. Granny panties a no no! I also love to match my Bras with my panties, there is nothing like that altogether look. I wear stockings mostly, socks only on occasion, I love thigh highs with or without garter belts depends on the dress and I only purchase pantyhose when they have a pair that rocks me, I love the look of Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things “Wink & Whisper” seamed fishnet pantyhose, they are so sexy I not only love the way they feel but the seam down ones leg is so sexy. Although you apparently spout clean for a better play day, would you be unable to play sax wearing nothing at all?  Hum I wonder…..Smiles, Catherine

  6. Laura says:

    For me underwear is underwear and I have to wear it under my clothes. So it must be comfortable. The answers on the questions:
    1. I have no thongs at all, so also not wearing them outside the sleeping room.
    2. The major part of my panties are granny panties, all of cotton and all in the colour white. Next to them I have a few cotton bikini panties, but also all white.
    3. I do not match my panties to my socks and also not to my bra. I have socks in a lot of different colours, only not in black and white. Bras I have mostly in white and a few of them in nude. Only when I wear a white bra, my bra and panties are matching, but I never choose to match.

  7. JaAG says:

    Sometimes it’s amazing to me how long a post lives. But this one just tickles a lot of people. I still prefer Elizabeth’s ‘Boxers and Briefs’ post though. I think I’ll go peek and see if there have been any new comments. Happy New Year 2008 everyone.

  8. SEXY SUDA says:

    I always wear white nylon panty briefs and i feel that thongs or g-strings are for strippers! there is nothing like the feeling of wearing white cotton or white nylon vanity fair undies!

  9. JaAG says:

    Almost two year old, this is still the most visited post I’ve ever made. Too funny.

  10. Deb's says:

    1. yes, once or twice, because it isn’t the only room for that kind of activity, assuming the implication is that thongs are connected to adult recreation time. 2. only when my mother was buying them when i was a child3. I don’t wear sox that often to worry about them matching up…

  11. Deb's says:

    yo Tassles … that blog yer looking fer is over here!!

  12. Maria says:

    Glad you mentioned this blog Jim…Some interesting points and questions raised…and possibly some eyebrows too!Personally I hate thongs..for me they’re the most uncomfortable piece of string going, though I did try them for a while….Hate to be boring here but if it covers, is comfortable and looks pretty then I’ll wear it….doesn’t stop me pinching the odd pair of boxer shorts from Paddy though..Men’s boxer shorts are always best for lounging around in while not looking like you’re in your underwear …So in answer to question 1..YesAs for question 2..Again yes, though if honest most women must have done at least once in their life..Hmm question 3…Can’t say I do, but then when it comes to socks, I tend to go for bright, colourful and outrageous/novelty styles, not the sort of thing that would be easy to match…though that could be an interesting idea to explore……

  13. Maria says:

    LOL…I just found it Mistress…Looks like you got here before me though :o)

  14. Maria says:

    Hang on a minute…The answer to Question 1 would be a NO…never have worn thong underwear outside of the bedroom…though other kinds of underware have LOL…See you’re all making me dizzy now…

  15. Steven says:

    Very intresting my wife wares the first pair that come to hand and she doesnt have any thongs awwww.

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