Full Saxophone Orchestra

Okay class, who can name all the saxophones. Yes Timmy?

  • Bb sopranissimo
  • Eb sopranino
  • Bb soprano
  • C soprano
  • Eb alto
  • F alto and Mezzo-Soprano
  • C melody tenor
  • Bb tenor
  • Eb baritone
  • Curved F baritone
  • C bass
  • Bb bass
  • Eb contrabass
  • Bb contrabass (coming soon from Eppelsheim!)

Very nice. 

About Gandalfe

Just an itinerant saxophonist trying to find life between the changes. I have retired from the Corps of Engineers and Microsoft. I am an admin on the Woodwind Forum, run the Seattle Solid GOLD Big Band (formerly the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra) a GOLD sax quartet, and enjoy time with family and friends.
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2 Responses to Full Saxophone Orchestra

  1. AC says:

    What about the C Melody Alto?

  2. JaAG says:

    The C Melody Tenor is often mis-named the C Melody Alto. I own a C Melody Tenor which was introduced to make it easier for sax players to read piano music. It is sized bigger than the Eb Alto and smaller than the Bb Tenor sax.

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