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WordPress Annual Report for my Blog

The folks at WordPress sent me my annual report, part of which is provided in this screenshot: My number of post per month has been reduced dramatically as I spend more time a work than I used to. I now … Continue reading

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Cars vs. Bikes vs Pedestrian ~ Oh My!

From a coworker, Logan, this fine response was part of a discussion about “yet another bike rider hit by a car”. Having experienced many friends nearly having been killed and heard of even more actually being killed on the very … Continue reading

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WordPress Reader Statistics

WordPress has upped their game when it comes to blog statistics. I’m loving the new counter that not only tracks views but now provides the number of vistors. Thank you WordPress!

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XKCD: Age Timeline

From XKCD. Hmm… regarding 55 on—we’ll see. 

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Your Neighborhood: Where Americans Are Moving?

Forbes provides a fascinating snapshot of what the status of movement is for anywhere in the United States in the Map: Where Americans Are Moving article. As I look at this map (more black than red) I infer that more … Continue reading

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Top Ten Posts (since I moved from Windows Spaces)

A friend of mine posted his top ten most popular blog posts and I thought I could show my readers my top ten (based on page views) for my first half year on WordPress. I was sad to lose track … Continue reading

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theOatmeal: Netflix Hogs the Internet

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LinkedIn’s Map Dashboard

The Journal Record’s Dave Rhea sez: The new social mapping feature by LinkedIn, if nothing else, looks fascinating. I have not had a lot of time to mess with it – YET, but I will. I have signed up for … Continue reading

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Where Does Your Money Go?

Here’s a nice chart provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interesting that they clump pensions with insurance, but still both only account for 10% of the average income. 34% going for housing seems high to me too. But … Continue reading

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Solar Power in Seattle? Not yet…

I took a look at solar power for residential use this year. The last time I did the analysis was in 2004 and the payback was over 15 years, best case. It is now down to 12 years best case. … Continue reading

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